We are digital gremlins and cyber-sailors. We’re kittens with big eyes, and puppies with a keen sense of smell. We’re scumbags and bandits. We’re idealists and realists. We’re a sleight of hand and a binding spell. We’re tailors, crafters, cobblers, and fighters. We fall asleep queer and cuddly. We wake up and choose violence.

We are Mx. Studio. Come collaborate with us.

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Here at Mx. Studio, we work in a way that is multidisciplinary, multifaceted, and imagination-driven. We collaborate on projects involving branding, identity development, front-end web development, VR and AR environments, design, print, social media, concept development, video, and digital fabrication. This is by no means an exhaustive list, so if you want to know if we can give your ideas a visual form, reach out and we’ll chat.

Additionally, we offer a range of informational and educational services. Reach out if you’re curious about our consulting services, workshops, lectures, or speaking engagements.